What is directors' and officers' liability insurance? 

It is a vital extra layer of protection that provides insurance cover for directors and senior managers against any alleged wrongful acts whilst acting in their official capacity. 
So what is a wrongful act? It could be breach of trust, neglect or error, to name a few. 

Still not sure if you need directors' and officers' liability insurance? 

Let’s look at a possible scenario where a claim may apply. 
Regulatory – Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigations. You will already know, that as an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are safe. So, if there has been an unintentional breach in your health and safety and an employee suffers a serious injury then the HSE will investigate. This will immediately incur costs and, if found guilty, a fine. Even if you are innocent, you still need to go through the investigation process which will typically mean employing solicitors - and incurring cost. 
So if you don’t have directors' and officers' liability Insurance where does this leave you? The simple answer is that you are leaving yourself much more exposed. With directors' and officers' liability insurance you have a far greater chance of defending yourself against disqualification as a director, civil proceedings, or even criminal proceedings.  
So if you want to make sure that your directors' and officers' liability Insurance measures up then give G3 Insure a call on 01829 771411 or fill in the form on the contact page
The good news is that, on balance, directors' and officers' liability is not expensive. Premiums are typically based on your turnover. There are certain restrictions (certain professions, US exposure etc.) but generally it is a very affordable and much under looked product. 
G3 Insure directors' and officers' liability insurance 
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